Education Department Policies and Procedures

The Department of Education follows the general policies and procedures established by the University of the Sacred Heart unless otherwise indicated. These are in the catalogue of the institution and can be accessed on the University website

Admission and Exit Criteria

The  admission policy for the Education Department differs from the rest of the institution.  The required grade point average for admission is 2.50 except for the bachelor’s/ master’s program in Early Childhood which requires a 2.75 grade point average.

Undergraduate students  must have at least a  3 grade point average in order to be accepted  for  the one semester  final student teaching experience and to exit  the program.  This  grade point average  is  consistent with the  Department of Education of Puerto Rico teacher certification requirements.  Students are given an orientation about theses policies once they enter the program. Students are given a document to sign that they have received the orientation.

The requirements for  entry to or retention in  and completion of  the  Teacher Preparation Program  are publically available on the program’s webpage. This is the Internet address:


DEPARTAMENTO DE EDUCACIÓN USC: (787) 728-1515, Ext. 2335
Fax: (787) 728-1515, Ext. 2334