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The SagradoGlobal office develops international programs suitable for students inside and outside of Puerto Rico. An international added value is offered to students from all majors and fields. International experiences are fomented in a diverse programmatic offering that may fit into students individualized needs. Programs are offered in a diversity of languages, durations, objectives and destinations.


Student Mobility


Student Mobility Programs provide the opportunity to study abroad through different types of programs that vary in duration and content

Second semester 2017-2018: September 30, 2017
First semester 2018-2019: March 30, 2018

Student Mobility

Why study in Puerto Rico?


Puerto Rico is an excellent destination to pursue or supplement your academic career.

Why study in Puerto Rico?

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International Opportunities:

  • Fullbright Grant
  • Gilman Grant
  • DAAD
  • Santander Grant

Under graduate Student Portal with free resources to help you prepare for a professional career  after Sagrado.