Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for the programs offered by USC during academic year 2013-2014 are listed as follows:

1.  Tuition Costs per Credit


  1. Regular students   $190 per credit
  2. Transient students*     $205 per credit

       A.    Regular students $215 per credit
       B.    Transient students*   $240 per credit

NOTE:  Generally, tuition costs per credit increases a minimum of $5.00 annually.

*Transient students are students from another educational institution authorized to study for a specific period of time at USC

2. General Registration Fee (NONREFUNDABLE)

      A.   Semesters-academic year   $300 per session             

      A.  Sessions-academic year $220 per session

3. Infrastructure Fee (NONREFUNDABLE)

  1. Undergraduate Program  $200 per session
  2. Graduate Program   $145 per per session

4. Library Fee (NONREFUNDABLE)

  1. Undergraduate Program  $50 per session
  2. Graduate Program   $33 per per session

5. Special Fees per Course   (Specific charges for Labs, workshops, practicum, etc. are indicated in the Official Courses Offerings Programs per academic term)

6. In Campus - Housing (Room Only)

        a. Per semester or academic session  $1,450.
        b. Per summer session  $350.
        c. Admission fee (Nonrefundable) $25.

NOTE:  Housing Rental Fee will increase annually a minimum of $50 per semester or academic session.


a. Late Payment Fee             $75                                                    
b. Late Registration Fee       $100
c. Penalty charge to reactivate an enrollment    $300
d. Enrollment Fee per course after the registration period  $ 35 each one
e. Late Tests (removal of incompletes)   $30 each one
f. Transcript Application $5 each one
g. Charge for Placement Test, Challenge Test, Art Portfolio $ 25 each one
h. Portfolio Evaluation   $75 each one
i. Charge for course when the test for validation or
     Challenge/ portfolio is approved  ½ cost of the course
j. Identification Card   $10
k. Finance Charge for pending monthly balance   1.95%
l. Admission Application                                                                                                         
      Undergraduate Programs  $15
      Graduate Programs $25
m. Readmission Charge (Undergraduate & Graduate)    $25
n.   Graduation Fee    $150
o. Additional copies of class program, payment receipts or other official lost documents $1 each one
p. Comprehensive Exam  $50
q. Application for maintenance of active status (Graduate Program)     $15
r. Diploma Duplicate   $75
s. Returned Check Charge  $30 each time
t. Computer Laboratory Charge  ($50 per semester)    $5 daily
u. Exchange Program Fee  $150
v. Certificate of Academic Program Completion    $8
x. Major change $10
y. Transfer to other University application $30
z. Enrollment status certification $4

8. Parking Fees: 
Undergraduate Program
From August to May (academic year)    $60
      By academic semester     $35
      By summer session       $15
Graduate Program
     Three sessions    $75
     One session         $30

9. Fines and Penalties
Charges for infractions to transit, library and other educational services will be made according to institutional policies established for those purposes.

The University typically changes tuition and fees each year to enable it to meet its financial obligations. Although the university attempts to provide students with adequate notice of such changes, the university reserves the right to make adjustments in tuition and fees without advance notice in order to meet current costs.