Helping you to Succeed

USC has great resources and dedicated staff to help you succeed in your courses, during your college days and throughout your life. Please, feel invited to use our services. We want you to succeed!

Student Support Services
At Universidad del Sagrado Corazón the student is at the center of the educational project.  Student services include a varied group of activities to enhance the learning experience by supporting student needs. These services include personal and psychological counseling, academic advisement, financial aid, housing, health services, academic tutoring, recreation and sports, campus ministry, evening student services, study abroad opportunities, and educational support for students with special needs. Job placement and complementary services such as cafeteria, post office, and parking are also available.

Student Life Hub

In 2001, the Institution began the implementation of a new Master Plan.  Among the core projects developed were: the women’s dorm expansion, the Student Promenade (Paseo Estudiantil), the men’s Residence Hall, and remodeling of classrooms, new technological support initiatives and more. 

The Plan integrated the residence halls to the new open Student Plaza and Promenade, an attractive spot for students to share with other community members. Access to wireless communications was also made readily available.  Support services, such as: One-Stop-Services Center, Admissions and the Student Exchange Program have been relocated to this space. The project includes a new convenience store “La Tiendita”; the remodeling of the main Cafeteria, and the Student Center which comprises a gym, swimming pool and recreational facilities. Campus Ministry, computer laboratories, and the Library are also nearby.  Many cultural and recreational activities take place in this multi-purpose space, centered in the Student Plaza and Promenade.

One-Stop-Services [Asistencia Integrada (ASI)]
In 2011 the Institution completed the integration of services related to the enrollment, financial aid and payment procedures all in one place. The redesigned space integrates technology to provide for student self-service and professional staff- provided services. 
Students today are able to request services, such as evaluations, change of majors and minors, certifications, change of address, grades, and academic transcripts (students’ copies) through the Internet.  Also, the institutional established a Portal to serve as a personalized communication channel with students.

Special Needs Services

Students with special needs also find friendly support at Sagrado. Services include assigning peers to accompany those with disabilities to the classroom; whether it is to take notes, to write, or read for them. Students with mobility restrictions are monitored each semester to facilitate classroom scheduling. To address access needs of handicapped students and personnel, the Institution has remodeled bathrooms, walkways, and offices.

To meet the needs of students with disabilities, the University also provides qualified students with access to advanced technological resources.  These resources support their independence and allow them to share campus life. A professional counselor was named to coordinate all the services that are offered to this population, including technological support. 
Universidad del Sagrado Corazón is also committed to provide support for the academic needs and development of its community, and also for its affective and psychological well-being.  With this in mind, the Center for Personal Development is responsible of providing psychological and counseling services such as individual short-term counseling and therapy, group therapy and counseling, psychological evaluation and referrals, and prevention and educational activities addressing mental health issues.

Student Participation in Academic Governance

Universidad del Sagrado Corazón provides for student participation in academic governance at different levels.  It is through the active participation of students in academic life, that personal integrity, cross-cultural understanding, and human sensitivity can be fostered.  Students are represented in the Academic and Administrative Boards.  Furthermore, the Student Government is also part of key institutional committees.  The Student Government, as well as organizations related to their field of interest, promotes the participation of students from undergraduate and graduate levels.

Housing Facilities on Campus
University Housing includes two dormitory buildings one for women and one for men.  The Women Residence Hall provides a total of 357 beds and the Men Residence Hall, 198 beds.  All residents have access to laundry facilities, computer lab rooms with Internet access, Internet wireless access, and a recreational area with access for visitors. Security and first-aid services are offered 24 hours and 7 days per week. 
By providing a residence halls, USC provides opportunities to serve other components of the student population and the capacity to expand the Students’ Exchange Program.  It also increased the capacity for special projects which require housing space during the low academic seasons. Responding to increased demand for services, USC has broadened the amount of personnel and services available for resident students following the recommendations of the Residents’ Council, and the findings of a surveys conducted on a yearly basis to incorporate student needs in the improvement of institutional life.