Transferring from a Community College

Articulation agreements are established to promote and facilitate the transfer from your community college to our University.  They are formulated after an analysis by Sagrado of the academic program that you have completed at your community college.  The agreement indicates that our University has built a partnership with your college to ensure that you will have the maximum number of credits accepted from your associate degree into the bachelor degree you want to complete.

The articulation process results in a binding agreement between your College and our University that identifies the equivalency of each community college course you approved to the university course that will be counted as approved before you start to complete the bachelor program.  As a result, you will know exactly which courses will transfer, which courses they substitute for and which courses remain to be taken at Sagrado to complete the Bachelor degree.

Some Associate degree credits may not transfer if there is no comparable course in the Bachelor program. Such cases are rare if you move from an Associate to a Bachelor degree in the same field.  If you decide to change fields, your transcript will be evaluated to find the best possible fit that will allow for the transfer of the highest possible number of credits that can be accepted without affecting the integrity and rigor of the knowledge and competencies required for you to succeed in the new field you have selected.

On the right side of this page, you will find the list of Community Colleges that have signed articulation agreements with Universidad del Sagrado Corazón. If your college is listed here, click on its name for information about course equivalencies.