Uniquely Sagrado

Uniquely Sagrado: Bilingual Fluency
Maybe you’ve studied Spanish in school. Maybe you speak it at home. Nothing will prepare you to be a bilingual professional, however, like immersion in a university setting. Our Center for Language and Culture provides multimedia tools and academic support for students working to improve fluency in a second language (English or Spanish), or even a third one. At Sagrado, you won’t just learn Spanish, you’ll learn in Spanish—while you earn a U.S. degree.

Uniquely Sagrado: Experienced Faculty
Cornell University, MIT, Stanford, the University of Madrid—Sagrado faculty earned their advanced degrees at these and other world-class institutions. At Sagrado, they are committed to teaching you both theory and practice, so you are well-equipped for a professional career or graduate school.

Uniquely Sagrado: Ecumenical Catholic Traditions
The Universidad del Sagrado Corazón’s roots are firmly Catholic, and from those roots it provides shade and creates a welcoming community for people of all faiths. In the ecumenical spirit of Vatican II, Sagrado encourages intellectual freedom, framed by our shared ethical responsibility to build a more just and peaceful society.

Uniquely Sagrado: Island Time
Sand, waves, palm trees—of course. Art museums, politics, music, too. Neighborhoods and resorts. Banks and nightclubs. Tourists, parents, business owners, nurses, journalists, teachers, kids. High-tech corporations, advanced transportation, and a unique rain forest. Puerto Rico is a modern, urban, tropical island. Sagrado is a modern, urban, intellectual hub that’s also a fierce competitor in swimming, tennis, soccer, and volleyball. Your education should be for your whole self, to prepare you for your whole life.

Uniquely Sagrado: Capstone Service Learning
Since 1994, Sagrado seniors have served as expert consultants for community-based organizations working to solve local community problems. The ultimate way to integrate learning, develop research skills, focus your entrepreneurial vision, promote solidarity, and bring theory and practice together, the Sagrado capstone experience will challenge you and bring you confidence and satisfaction.