Sagrado = The Best of Both Worlds

An interconnected world: North and South. Inglés y español. Catholic and ecumenical. Private college and public spirit. Academic excellence and affordable price.

Choose both. Choose a wider world. Choose the best of both worlds.

Latin America + U.S.
A U.S. commonwealth, and part of Latin America, Puerto Rico sits at the cultural sweet spot—and the tropical climate’s not bad, either. Summer all year! Choose Sagrado for a unique higher education experience; an immersion into Spanish language and culture at a U.S.-accredited college, on an island where English is widely studied and spoken.

Private + Affordable
Sagrado is a private and selective university, with small classes, engaged professors, and an active campus life. Yet, Sagrado costs less than an in-state student would pay at most public universities, and it costs much less than comparable private universities. And, because Puerto Rico is a U.S. commonwealth, federal financial aid is available at Sagrado, just as it would be in your home state.

Part of the City + A Campus Apart
Sagrado was founded in 1880and in 1907 moved to its present location, in what was then a suburban neighborhood of large homes and rolling grounds. Since then, San Juan has grown around the University’s well-shaded 33-acre campus, and the University has grown into the city through its rich cultural program, service projects, and the senior-year capstone experience.