Animation, Visualization and 3D Interactivity

  • Baccalaureate
  • Minor Concentration in Digital Production/3D Animation

The concentration in Animation, Visualization, and 3D Interactivity puts in your hands the power of creative technologies to bring your ideas to life, visualize novel solutions, analyze scenarios across multiple disciplines, express your creativity with immersive new media, and develop experiences for a new economy.

This requires a creative, innovative and entrepreneurial professional who produces interactive, exciting and convincing digital audiovisual content. 3D animation, visualization and interactivity provide the student with a collection of skills (“skills-set”) to insert themselves into multiple employment roles and business self-management in various disciplines, according to their interests and skills.



The curriculum of the 3D Animation, Visualization, and Interactivity program has 120 credits. His courses focus on developing a fundamental base of techniques and processes for making three-dimensional scenes, together with the search for practical knowledge through creative development projects and experiences. We have the technology platforms used by the industry and experimentation and collaboration among students, mentors, and industry participants are encouraged.

Skills Acquired

Digital image creation, manipulation and editing
Creation, manipulation and edition of animation and digital video
Development of 3D models
Creation of textures and materials
Character creation and animation
Visual effects development
Experience in immersive media such as motion capture and virtual reality
Simulation of particles and dynamic processes
Development and administration of animated and interactive projects
visual narrative
digital audio editing

Duration and Modality

The curriculum of the 3D Animation, Visualization, and Interactivity program has 120 credits.

  • ADT 101 Digital Image Manipulation and Editing - 3 credits / 45 hours
  • ADT 201 Introduction to 3D modeling and animation - 3 credits / 45 hours
  • ADT 210 Pre-production, pre-visualization and animatic - 4 credits / 60 hours
  • ADT 301 Character Design and Animation - 4 credits / 60 hours
  • ADT 310 Texture, lighting and advanced composition - 3 credits / 45 hours
  • ADT 401 Special Project in 3D Animation - 4 credits / 60 hours
  • ADT 410 Data Visualization, Simulation, and Infographics - 4 credits / 60 hours
  • ADT 420 Special Effects and Image Composition - 4 credits / 60 hours
  • ADT 430 Advanced 3D Animation - 4 credits / 60 hours
  • ADT 480 Integrative Seminar: 3D Animation - 3 credits / 45 hours


Total courses :10
Credits per course: 4 courses of 3 credits and 6 courses of 4 credits
Total credits: 36

Job Opportunities

Film and Video Industry
Video Game Design
Immersive Media (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality)
Interactive Experiences Developer
  • advertising illustrator
  • character designer
  • Art director
  • book illustrator
  • editorial illustrator
  • Illustrator for entertainment design
  • Illustrator for game design
  • storyboard artist
  • Surface Design Illustrator
  • art appraiser
  • Art historian
  • art journalist
  • art therapist
  • collection manager
  • keeper of culture
  • Curator
  • development officer
  • Art Programming Manager
  • art critic/writer
  • Curator
  • exhibition designer
  • Scenic designer for film and television
  • Gallery owner/director/administrator
  • museum preparer
  • Painter
  • Instructor teacher
  • public artist
  • studio artist
  • game designer
  • Model maker for movies
  • Mold making specialist
  • Cartoonist
  • children's book artist
  • Strip cartoonist
  • concept artist
  • graphic novelist
  • illustrator
  • production artist
  • storyboard artist
  • Figure/toy sculptor

department contact

Javier Hernández Acosta, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Director de la Escuela de Artes, Diseño e Industrias Creativas
787 728-1515, ext. 8001 (Admisiones)

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