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The Department of Business Administration is the space where trained professionals are developed to make a difference in the business world.

With a vision of entrepreneurship, it seeks to broaden the horizon of students, developing them to be multifaceted in the work environment. It is distinguished by a teaching methodology in which students are involved, from early in their studies, in projects with real clients and in the identification of business opportunities at a national and international level.


Dean of the School

Dr. Dennis Roman Roa
Dean of the Department of Business Administration
787 728-1515 ext. 5185

Business Administration Contacts

Nellia Torresola
Business Administration Manager
787-728-1515 ext. 5186

Laura Diaz Maldonado
Services Manager
787-728-1515 ext. 5354

Sandra Perez Nater
Administrative assistant
787-728-1515 ext. 5373

  • Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) in MBA degrees
  • Candidate for the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), accreditation of Business Schools in undergraduate degrees

Academic Programs

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Accounting is the main component in the economic decision making of any company or individual. All businesses and organizations rely on this discipline to properly ...
Business management
The Business Management Program focuses on the development, from an interdisciplinary approach, of the analysis of the problems that affect organizations that operate in increasingly ...
La creación de nuevas empresas es la herramienta más poderosa para ser emprendedor y contribuir positivamente a la economía de un país.  Para sobresalir en ...
The economic reality of the world and the fierce competition among companies have turned marketing into one of the most important departments at the corporate ...
MBA Empresas de Familia
Master on Business Development and Management
Universidad del Sagrado Corazón Master of Arts in Creative Writing Apply Today More information Description This graduate program is proposed as the preferred option for ...
Sustainable development
Universidad del Sagrado Corazón Bachelor of Sustainable Development The Sustainable Development Program provides interdisciplinary training and encourages the analysis of local and global problems from ...

Faculty of Business Administration

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