Consortium between the University of the Sacred Heart and Notre Dame of Maryland University

  • Bachillerato en Ciencias en Ciencias Biomédicas (Sagrado) y Doctorado en Farmacia (Notre Dame of Maryland University) (B.S. / PharmD)

The University of the Sacred Heart and the School of Pharmacy of the University of Notre Dame in Maryland (NMDU) signed an agreement to provide interested students the opportunity to complete an accelerated program (3 + 4 years) leading to baccalaureate degrees in Science and Ph.D. in Pharmacy (Pharm.D.). This in the term of 7 years of study. The program consists of approximately 90 semester hours at Sagrado and a four-year professional pharmacy curriculum (146 credits) at the NDMU College of Pharmacy.

While enrolled in the program, each student must maintain a 3.0 GPA and a 3.0 GPA in Science courses. Once the candidate is admitted, they will begin the first year of the professional program at NDMU in the fall semester after completing the third year of the Bachelor of Science curriculum at Sagrado.


Job Opportunities

  • Doctor
  • Educador


department contact

Dra. Kiebelle Gonzalez Santiago

Decana de la Escuela de Salud y Ciencias
787-728-1515 ext. 5232
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