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How to apply?


You can complete the FAFSA electronically by accessing The electronic page allows you to select if you want to complete the application in English or Spanish. You will also find online support through "chat" in Spanish.

The student and their parents must request a personal identification card ("FSAID") which they will use to electronically sign their FAFSA application, admission advice, and promissory note required for student loans.

To request your personal identification credential, you must access

Financial Aid requirements

  • Remember that Sagrado’s code is 003937.
  • Make sure you have a copy of the Tax Return Form. If you are dependent, you need your parents' Tax Returns
  • W-2 Form (If you had income but were not required to file Tax Return)
  • Pensions – before tax
  • Alimony received and/or paid
  • Other income received by parents and/or student
  • Social Security number


Available aid

It is the basis of Federal Economic Assistance programs. Available to undergraduate students who demonstrate economic need and maintain satisfactory academic progress. You apply directly to the Department of Federal Education by accessing the page.

The Department of Federal Education communicates to the student through the eligibility report (SAR) the results of their application approximately three (3) days from the date of electronic filing of the application. The amount the student is eligible for is determined using a table provided by the Department of Federal Education that considers the cost of education, the academic burden, and the expected Family Contribution (EFC). The amount of scholarship you are eligible for will be determined according to the academic burden of your tuition.

Amendments to the law in 1992 state that from 1993-94, students are eligible to receive a Pell Fellowship while; maintain satisfactory academic progress, until they complete the requirements for a first Bachelor Degree or exceed the maximum number of credits set for the degree.
The student may receive retroactive Pell Scholarship payment for some period of study completed during the academic year. Only credits completed by the student will be paid retroactively. Courses that you did not attend will not be paid for, nor will you be paid for the courses you have been discharged from.

Credits in which the student enrolls and does not correspond to their program of study are not eligible for payment.

As of July 1, 2012, the duration of Federal Pell Grant eligibility was limited to 600% or 12 semesters (6 years studying full-time). The Department of Federal Education has identified the percentage used Federal Pell Grant with the term "Pell Lifetime Elegibility Used (LEU)". With your name, social security number, date of birth and federal credential (FSAID) you can access page to find out your percentage of u "(LEU)" used of the Pell Grant.

It is available to those undergraduate students eligible for A Pell Grant and who demonstrate greater financial need. The Department of Federal Education states that students most in need of Pell Grant recipients have priority in distributing this aid. To be eligible, students must maintain Academic Progress. This assistance is subject to availability of funds.

The Puerto Rico Board of Education's Economic Assistance programs are aimed at students in need as defined by the Department of Federal Education. The aids supplement other aids that the student may be eligible for. The Scholarship Program for Students with Academic Talent requires the student to demonstrate exceptional economic need and maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Student Loans

Graduate students who meet the requirements set by the Department of Federal Education and that can prove financial need to cover study costs are eligible.

The Department of Federal Education provides the funds at a variable interest rate that they modify the 1st. of July of each year. The Federal Government guarantees the loan and pays interest while participants study at more than half-time, enjoy the grace period or during a period of deferment.

To apply for financial assistance under this program, the student must have completed the Free Application to Federal Economic Assistance (FAFSA). As part of the requirements established by the federal government prior to first disbursement, any student who is going to receive student loans must complete income counseling and sign a promissory note. Both requirements can be completed directly on the

Once the student completes their degree, enrolls less than 6 credits in the undergraduate program or discontinues their studies for any reason, must complete an Exit Interview that they can complete directly on the page. Student loans are submitted to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS), which is accessible to guarantee agencies, borrowers, and other educational institutions authorized to use the System.

The participant will start paying principal and interest within six months of discontinuing his studies or if he/she enrolls in less than six (6) credits.

These loans are for graduates. Undergraduate students may be eligible if they meet the requirements set by the Department of Federal Education. The student does not have to demonstrate financial need to qualify for the loan.

This type of loan is available to students who are not eligible for subsidized loans such as graduate students and dependent undergraduate students if they meet the requirements set by the Department of Federal Education.
The data subject must complete the FAFSA application, income advice and sign a promissory note. The student performs this management directly through the page.

This loan accrues interest while the student is enrolled and during the grace period (6 months).

The student has to pay interest while studying, unless he decides to make use of the capitalization option. Principal and capitalized interest begins to be paid once the student is no longer enrolled at least part-time, has completed their degree or interrupts their studies for any reason.

These loans are made to parents who have students in a sub-graduate program.

Plus loans are for parents of dependent students at the undergraduate level. These loans are made through the Department of Federal Education. In these loans the interest is variable, they change annually. These loans begin to be repaid 60 days after disbursement. They must complete promissory note, Direct PLUS Loan Request on the electronic page and the Required PLUS Data form available at Sagrado's Integrated Assistance office.

The amounts that can be taken on a subsidized loan and an unsubsidized loan

The amounts to which the student may be eligible depends on:

  • the year that is studying at the university
  • if a dependent student or an independent student

The following is the amounts and annual maximums of subsidized and unsubsidized loans that you may be eligible for.

Note: Maximum total loan limits include any Stafford Loans you may have received from the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program. As a result of the legislation, from the 1st. July 2010, no further loans are made by the FFEL Program.

Participants are assigned a job for which they will receive a salary that will help to cover their education costs. The student will be evaluated by their supervisor. It is the student's obligation to sign the daily attendance sheet that will be used to certify the payroll.


It is an institutional program for new-entry, transferred and regular students. Here are the criteria for granting such a scholarship:

Economic Assistance Policies and Documents

You can access the Integrated Assistance section on the Sagrado's Policies and Documents page.



Luis Vélez Nevárez

Director of Economic Assistance
787 728-1515, ext. 3608

Noemí Rivera Rivera

Collections Officer
787 728-1515, ext. 3618

Mayra I. Rodríguez Meléndez

Financial Aid Supervisor
787 728-1515, ext. 3616

Carmen A. Rodríguez

787 728-1515, ext. 3607

Magaly Verdejo

Federal Work and Study Program Officer
787 728-1515, ext. 3614

Gloribel Rodríguez Santiago

Institutional Process Officer
787 728-1515, ext. 3611

FAX: 787-268-8867

Postal Address:
Integrated Assistance Office | PO Box 12383, San Juan, P.R. 00914-0383

Email: General Information:

Hours: Monday to Friday - 7:30 a. m. – 6:00 p.m.

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