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If you already have a Bachelor’s Degree, the next step in expanding your knowledge and seeking other leadership opportunities in the job market is to consider obtaining a Master’s Degree or a Post-Bachelor’s Certificate.  If your concern is how you are going to pay for your studies, there options available to you, as a graduate student, through scholarships and federal loans.

Graduate Program

Admission Requirements

  • Application for admission
  • Admission fee ($25 non refundable)
  • Credit (courses) Transcript with a General Index no less than 2.75
  • EXADEP test results
  • Two letters of recommendation from University professors or recognized professionals in its field

Some programs can have additional requirements

Academic Offer


Business Administration

Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Production and Marketing of Events

Master of Business Administration with a specialization in the Human Resources Administration

Master of Business Administration with a specialization in:

  • International Marketing
  • Taxes
  •  Management Information Systems

Master of  Sciences with a specialization in Auditing of Information Systems

Ferré Rangel School of Communications

Post-baccalaureate Certificate in:

  • Digital Journalism
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations

Master of Arts in Communication with a specialization in:

  • Digital Journalism
  • Advertising
  • Media Writing
  • Public Relations

School of Interdisciplinary Humanistic and Social Sciences Studies

Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Creative Writing (short story)

Master of Arts in Creative Writing with a specialization in Fiction (short story/novel)

Masters of Arts in Justice Systems with a specialization in Human Rights and Anti-discrimination Processes

Masters of Arts in Justice Systems with a specialization in Mediation and Conflict Transformation

Master of Arts in Learning Design and Technology

Master of Arts in Education with a specialization in Early Childhood Education

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