Integrated Computer and Technology

As part of its services, it provides support for managing a computer lab that features:

  • An area with microcomputers.
  • 30 PCs and black and white or color laser printers for student use.
  • A “Media Lab” for students of computer science concentration and Computer Sciences.
  • An area for teamwork with 15 MACs for student use (Lab3).

It also manages:

  • 2 adjacent laboratories equipped with 20 PCs and the other with 20 MACs.
  • 7 microcomputer rooms and 3 conference rooms enabled for presentations on the second floor of the San Miguel Building.
  • A microcomputer room and 3 conference rooms enabled for presentations on the second floor of the San José Building.
  • A conference room enabled for presentations at SC101.

It also provides service and support to faculty and students in the following areas:

  • Administration, configuration and maintenance of facilities, equipment and programming available.
  • Administration of the Web Server that hosts the pages of the Sagrado Corazón and the web server (Intranet) for internal dissemination.
  • Development and maintenance of administrative and internal Web presence: Intranet, Web enrollment, administrative and academic WEB.
  • Administration Server of online courses.
  • E-mail services for faculty, students and administration.
    Administration of lounges and technology labs.
  • Administration of lounges and technology labs.
  • Managing the institutional network.
  • Management of institutional servers
  • Administration of security services and access to servers / services.
  • Advice on the purchase and installation of hardware and software, plus help in solving technical problems related to equipment and programming.
  • Support for equipment and faculty development programs of research in various disciplines.
  • Communication infrastructure with Internet and local networks.
  • Training administrative community about new techniques, concepts and skills in computer technology through micro seminars and group and individual trainings.
  • Installation: equipment and software, connection lines and peripheral equipment.
  • Development, modification and integration of applications for administrative processes.
  • Generation of institutional statistics.
  • Trainings in use of software programs for administrative or academic / administrative staff.
  • Transfer and data conversion.
  • Advice on the preparation of promotional material and others.
  • Talks and orientations about the services offered by the Center.
  • Talks and orientations about institutional policies related to Information Systems.
  • Planning of Information Resources to support corporate functions.
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