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Master in Digital Marketing

The Master in Digital Marketing prepares the student to master the skills of creativity, communication, and critical thinking that are necessary to develop campaigns through all digital marketing channels.

The Master of Science in Digital Marketing program is aimed at any student who seeks to evolve in their professional career in the management of marketing and advertising campaigns on social networks, and other digital promotion mechanisms.

Through strategic learning, the master's degree offers students the opportunity to polish and strengthen the skills acquired through practical activities with businesses, companies and/or collaborating agencies. Therefore, you will be able to establish relationships with the industry, including recruiting opportunities.

In addition, the program will provide students with a foundation in the fundamental disciplines that include knowledge, analytical thinking and creative skills to lead initiatives through the combination of different channels (cross-channel) to attract audiences and generate a direct impact.


The curriculum focuses on practices, skills, and strategies that are in high demand in the field of workforce recruitment. The curriculum of the Master in Digital Marketing offers the student the possibility of delving into specific disciplines in the digital ecosystem, which include:

  • New technologies
  • Content development for digital media
  • Ethical and legal aspects
  • Social media management
  • Brand development and public relations
  • online research
  • Effective communication in digital channels.


Course Sequence

First trimester

MMD 610 Digital Marketing and New Technologies (3crs)
MMD 620 Content Strategies for Digital Media (3crs)

Second quarter

MMD 630 Social Network Management (3crs)
MMD 640 Brand Development and Public Relations in Digital Media (3crs)

Third trimester

MMD 650 Online Research: Techniques and Tools (3crs)
MMD 660 Effective Communication and Writing in Digital Media (3crs)

4th trimester

MMD 710 Evaluation of Digital Media Campaigns (3crs)
MMD 720 Ethics and Law in Digital Media (3crs)
MMD 730 Digital Marketing Campaign Execution (Capstone) (3crs)

Duration and modality

The master's program in Digital Marketing is designed to be completed in four quarters of study. All courses are offered remotely with synchronous interactions (virtual hybrid modality).


Total courses: 9
Credits per course: 3 credits
Total credits: 27 credits

Acquired skills

The student will develop the following skills and knowledge:

It will use the research, collection and analysis of data as a tool for analyzing consumer behavior in order to improve the experience.

You will develop written and audiovisual content that manages to connect with the audience.

It will design organic campaigns according to the particularities of each platform, integrating creativity to improve the digital presence.

You will develop tactics and communication strategies for the main social networks.

You will segment existing audiences and prospects according to their characteristics to develop your campaigns.

It will develop campaigns for product and/or service companies, as well as non-profit institutions.

It will identify the essential aspects of "branding" in digital media.

You will measure the results of a digital campaign through the interpretation of data to increase the return on investment.

You will develop SEO campaigns from a strategic and technical point of view.

You will know the main ethical and legal aspects in digital marketing and the application of concepts.

Looking to the future

Upon completion of the program, the graduate will be able to perform as:

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Director of Digital Marketing
Product or Brand Manager
Content Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Media Manager
Digital Communication Manager
Social Media Strategist
Social Media Manager
Director of Online Advertising

our faculty

Our courses are taught by a faculty made up of professionals specialized in the world of communications, business, law, data analysis, entrepreneurship, advertising, public relations and marketing.

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Are you interested in doing a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing?

Applying is a quick and easy process. You just need:

  • Bachelor's degree from accredited university
  • 2.75 or more average
  • updated resume



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