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Master in Journalism and Innovation

The Master of Communication Arts with a specialty in Journalism and Innovation is designed to be completed in four quarters in a fully online modality.


This program is aimed at people interested in journalism and technological, media and cultural innovation. Students are prepared in journalistic investigation methods and new storytelling formats to offer users of digital platforms, and audiences of traditional media, transcendental content with transparency and reliability.

This master's degree is distinguished by the cooperative collaboration between the academy and media companies by offering students the option of completing the final requirement of the degree with a cooperative practice in an information medium (in person) or participating in a collaborative innovation project with an informative medium created from Sagrado. The industry-academy cooperation also includes the participation of speakers from the media as guests of the classes, mentoring and accompaniment through their journalistic projects.


The MAC with a specialty in Journalism and Innovation at Sagrado is the only offering of its kind in Puerto Rico by integrating into the curriculum the requirement that all students complete a journalistic internship by joining the staff of a media outlet or participate in a project to generate content from the University on an assigned topic with the mentorship of a communication professional

  • New technologies
  • Content development for digital media
  • Ethical and legal aspects of journalism
  • Management of traditional and digital media
  • online research
  • Effective communication in digital channels

Course Sequence

First trimester

  • PER 601 Convergences and Contrasts: Informative, Emerging and Traditional Media (3crs)
  • PER 603 Significance and Impact: Writing and Generation of Informative Content for Multiplatforms (3crs)

Second quarter

  • PER 605 Information Visualization with Creativity, Ethics and Compliance (3crs)
  • PER 607 Aesthetics and Design for Journalism in Digital Environments (3crs)

Third trimester

  • PER 609 Investigative Journalism: Data Management and Search for Solutions (3crs)
  • PER 612 Innovation, Leadership and Change Management in Media (3crs)

Fourth trimester

  • PER 788 Cooperative Experience in Media (6crs), or
  • PER 789 Collaborative Innovation Project (6crs)

Duration and modality

The Journalism and Innovation master's program is designed to be completed in four terms of study. All courses are offered in hybrid mode.


  • Total courses: 7
  • Credits per course: 3 and 6 credits, the final project
  • Total credits: 24 credits

Acquired skills

The student will develop the following skills and knowledge:

Understand the local and international panorama of digital media in society

It will critically analyze the scope and effect of the media (traditional and digital) and the impact of misinformation on the audience (fake news and deep fakes).

You will have technological fluency to venture into the media, the working knowledge of data journalism

Know and interpret scientific and academic studies

Will handle massive collaboration processes (crowdsourcing).

It will design and create content for multiplatforms through research, creativity and the use of emerging technologies to generate news with information that transcends the selected medium and directly impacts society.

It will identify the current modalities and work routines (workflows) in the traditional and emerging media and the innovation models of both procedures and content.

You will measure the results of a digital campaign through the interpretation of data to increase the return on investment.

You will know the ethical and legal aspects in the collection and publication of data, the integrity of the people investigated and the transparency in each step of the journalistic process.

You will learn about theory and practice in the areas of traditional and emerging media management, as well as strategies for being a change agent and handling change management.

Looking to the future

Upon completion of the program, the graduate will be able to perform as:

  • Content Manager
  • Digital Media Manager
  • Content Strategist
  • Digital media writer
  • Digital or traditional media reporter
  • Content creator in news media, advertising agencies, government or private companies
  • press officer
  • blogger
  • freelance journalist

our faculty

Our courses are taught by a faculty made up of professionals specialized in the world of communications, business, law, data analysis, entrepreneurship, advertising, public relations and marketing.

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