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Master of Arts in Communication in Digital Narratives

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The Master of Arts in Communication in Digital Narratives is a specialty for professionals with a bachelor's degree, or its equivalent, interested in the field of communication and marketing. This master's degree prepares the student to undertake digital narrative projects in a hyperconnected environment and user interactivity in various media and multiple platforms.

The Master's Degree in Digital Narratives is the only master's degree that prepares students in depth to develop them in the art of storytelling and in the creation of strategic content within the digital ecosystem.


The curriculum of the Master of Communication Arts in Digital Narratives develops skills to conceive, create and manage digital content projects from writing for digital media, research to disseminate and promote interactivity. In addition, it prepares a communicator with knowledge of communication paradigms in a convergent digital environment.

This master's degree does not require a thesis to complete the degree, the student completes a project. It is a professional master's degree with a methodological component that encourages practice.

This master's degree belongs to the Ferré Rangel School of Communication, the most prestigious in its field in Puerto Rico.

A Diploma in Communication from Universidad del Sagrado Corazón obtains privileged recognition in the industry, based on its quality record based on its updated curriculum and focused on active learning, a highly prepared faculty and an extensive list of alumni who have left their mark. in the various disciplines of communication.

Duration and modality

The Master of Arts in Communication in Digital Narratives consists of 24 credits to be completed in 4 quarters. All courses are offered remotely with synchronous interactions (virtual hybrid modality), which means that part of the experience is asynchronous through content and tasks through the Canvas educational platform, and the other part is synchronous through virtual meetings by ZOOM. The courses meet by videoconference at night (starting at 6:00 pm Puerto Rico time). Others are by arrangement and meet on previously agreed days also by videoconference.


Total courses: 8
Credits per course: 3 credits
Total credits: 24 credits

Looking to the Future – Job Opportunities

The Master of Arts Program in Communication in Digital Narratives professional forms that can perform as:

  • Digital content specialists
  • Specialists in content marketing and digital strategist
  • media producers
  • podcast specialists
  • digital media strategists

Sagrado is the only university in Puerto Rico that offers this master's degree. Are you interested in doing a Master of Arts in Communication in Digital Narratives?

Applying is a quick and easy process. You just need:

  • 2.75 or higher GPA in a bachelor's or graduate degree from an accredited university
  • Credit transcription
  • updated resume


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