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Sagrado has been a pioneer in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean in offering graduate studies in creative writing. This new Master of Arts in Creative Writing aims to prepare writers with mastery of the technical structure of narrative or poetic genres, with a critical-creative perspective and an entrepreneurial attitude. This program is open to interested parties from all areas; It is not necessary to have previous studies in Literature or related disciplines.


Creative writing workshops and literary studies courses, involving the disciplines of Hispanic studies, comparative literature, and cultural studies, are integrated into the curriculum. The student will select an area of interest between narrative writing and poetic writing as an area of interest. The publishing industry and the different management and literary publication alternatives are also studied. While taking the courses, the student will be working on their literary project with the mentorship of a published writer. The degree is concluded with the delivery of this project: an original manuscript.

Acquired skills

Upon completion of the Master of Arts in Creative Writing, the graduate will be able to:

Understand the theoretical foundations of Literature and, with the ability to critically analyze and interpret, recognize the writing techniques that have traditionally corresponded to the most significant genres, works and stylistic trends of canonical and contemporary literary production.

Conceive and practice innovation as one of the foundations of the creative ingenuity of the writer's craft.

Conceive and practice writing as a social product, which is part of the framework of discourses and social contexts, and therefore has the ability to insert itself into the cultural dialogues that take place both in the academy and in the artistic community.

Possess a referential framework of Literary Studies, as well as the skills of analysis and theoretical understanding of the intratextual and extratextual elements of literary discourses.

Understand the traditional modes of the publishing industry and also the emerging possibilities for creative entrepreneurship.

Take care of the legibility of your texts without this meaning sacrificing innovation and aesthetic play.

Recognize the ethical and legal aspects of publishing, both in the creation of a manuscript and in its dissemination.

Duration and modality

The Master of Arts in Creative Writing consists of 24 credits to be completed in 4 trimesters (three sessions of courses and a period for the preparation and defense of the Degree Project). All courses and workshops are offered remotely with synchronous interactions (virtual hybrid modality).


Course Title Description Credits
ECT 605 Different answers to key questions in the exercise of creative writing are examined in this course: What is Literature and what is its function? What characteristics does a literary text have? How does poetic language differ from ordinary language? What is the relationship between the background and the form of a literary text? What is the role of the writer or writer? How do you read literature? This course does not focus on the substantial analysis of literary theories and criticism, but on how they illustrate the creative process from different perspectives. 3
ECT 610 Practical study of Spanish grammar incidentally in students' compositions by explaining their mistakes. 1
ECT 611 Basic course-workshop for students interested in narrative writing. The traditional characteristics of fictional narration are studied by reading some Poetics of authors, as well as relevant works of universal narrative. Through writing exercises designed to promote the development of imagination and stylistic skills, emphasis is placed on the basic structures of the short story and the novel -as main narrative genres- and on the basic elements of fiction, voice, time, point of view, character creation, story, plot and space. 3
ECT 612 Basic course-workshop for students interested in poetic writing. The traditional characteristics of poetic writing are studied by reading some poetics of contemporary authors, as well as relevant works of universal poetry. Through writing exercises designed to promote the development of imagination and stylistic skills, emphasis is placed on the basic structures and elements of the poem: person, voice, tone, rhythm, diction, imagery, and figures of speech. 3
ECT 620 Intensive workshop dedicated to the study and practice of the most complex resources and styles of narrative writing. In particular, through selected readings and special conferences, the techniques of contemporary fiction around the opening and closing of a narrative, the management of dialogues and thoughts, changes in perspective and the articulation of conflict are explored. or argument. It works with the proper handling of language in the narration, from the recognition of the most common errors. 3
ECT 621 Intensive workshop in which the most advanced forms and styles of poetic writing are studied and practiced. In this course, students refine and develop their writing while exploring a variety of poetic techniques, genres, and strategies. The emphasis of the course falls on the consolidation of the poetic voice. Critical commentary on texts written in class is also practised. 3
ECT 630 This course emphasizes the role of the writer as an entrepreneur through multiple workshops on the traditional publishing industry, models of independent publishers in Cuba, Central America and Puerto Rico and emerging publication alternatives, legal and ethical aspects of the exercise of publishing and marketing strategies. 3
ECT 700 This course reflects on the creative proposal outlined in the Statement of Purposes submitted by the student in his or her admission process to the Master's Degree in Creative Writing. The originality and scope of the project are validated, and the expectations and work schedule are established. 1
ECT 705 In this course the student will continue working on the development of their creative project. With the advice of your director or director, you will work on revising your drafts. At this stage, it will be decided if any change or change in the work proposal is necessary. The student must complete in this course 20-25% of the total estimated pages in their project. 1
ECT 710 This course discusses, through analysis and interpretation, a heterogeneous selection of literary texts that, due to their reception or discursive or aesthetic value, are considered relevant in universal literary production up to the 19th century. 3
ECT 715 This workshop explores, from narrative writing and poetic writing, techniques, themes and subgenres of contemporary literature. 3
ECT 720 In this course, the student will finish his/her manuscript and will submit the final version to the evaluation of his/her director, who will use an institutional rubric. The delivery of the final version will be accompanied by an oral presentation on the process and result of the degree project. 3


Total courses: 10
Credits per course: 7 courses of 3 credits and 3 courses of 1 credit
Total credits: 24 credits


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Looking to the future

The Creative Writing Program trains Spanish-speaking writers. The global book market profit expectation for 2021 is $121.08 billion [1] . With the growth of the publishing industry also comes the need for new authors and new authors. On the other hand, a basic training in Literature is offered that opens the way to those who are interested or interested in continuing doctoral studies in the area.

[1] “US Book Industry – Statistics & Facts,” Statista , May 30, 2018, https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/08/

Are you interested in doing a Master's in Creative Writing?

Applying is a quick and easy process. You just need:

  • 2.75 or higher GPA in a bachelor's or graduate degree from an accredited university
  • Credit transcription
  • updated resume
  • purpose statement
  • Writing sample (optional)
  • Interview (if necessary)


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