Master of Arts with Specialty in Public Relations and Integrated Communication

The master’s program in Public Relations and Integrated Communication is designed to be completed in 12 months of study (four quarters) in the modality of hybrid courses (online and face-to-face components). It is a postgraduate course for students of Communication, Marketing, Advertising or Journalism as well as for those who seek to reinvent themselves in an essential profession in the business world. Prepares students with an entrepreneurial mindset to solve communication problems in the global, interconnected, diverse and changing environment of organizations. The curriculum develops skills to assume leadership in holistic communication, content writing in multiple platforms, research, legal issues and ethical dilemmas, management of issues, crisis and reputation, as well as the strategic interdisciplinary approach in the planning, implementation and evaluation of plans integrated public relations and communication aligned with organizational goals in projects close to work experience.

Upon completion of the program, graduates can undertake to face challenges with innovative solutions, manage their employability, serve as consultants or be employed in public relations functions and strategic and integrated communication, reputation management and management of internal and external communication of the organization.

  • Combination of Public Relations + Integrated Communications
  • Does not require thesis
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