Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To educate individuals in intellectual liberty and moral conscience, willing to participate in building a more authentically Christian Puerto Rican society: a caring community in justice and peace.

Our Vision

We offer a unique academic project, an innovative educational experience in which the classroom is the world, in an environment characterized by community life. It is based on the principle that human beings and Christian values are at the center of our project.

To educate individuals

We educate people in their integrality - in all its aspects as human beings - to enhance the best of each person. We educate human beings with the necessary skills to be, to do, to live together, to know and to transform.

People of entrepreneurial vocation

  We educate people with an entrepreneurial vocation, willing to assume the responsibility of leading, undertaking, doing, transforming, building and promoting a solidary coexistence.

People with their own criteria and ethical responsibility

We educate people with intellectual freedom so that they develop their own criteria and moral conscience to exercise their ethical responsibility.

Build supportive communities committed to justice and peace

We educate people committed to building a more authentically Christian society through the development of communities of solidarity in justice, peace and the care of our common home.

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