Sagrado Peace Corps Prep

Sagrado is the first and only university in Puerto Rico to have an alliance with the Peace Corps.

Peace Corps Prep (PC Prep) is a certificate program for college students focused on an empowering question: How can you prepare yourself to be an agent of change and make a difference in the world?

The PC Prep program:

  • It is aligned with the Sagrado curriculum.
  • It encourages students to integrate academic work with practical experiences and professional development.
  • It prepares you to respond to the demands of the labor market.

The Peace Corps has identified four core competencies that are critical to becoming an effective professional in intercultural workplaces, including in Peace Corps Volunteer work, that PC Prep participants will develop as part of the program:

Training in a job sector
Mastery of a foreign language
intercultural competence
Professionalism and leadership
Sagrado Peace corps

Upon completion of the program, participants:

They will receive a certificate from the Peace Corps
They will be recognized in an activity
end of the year in Sacred.

They will have a competitive advantage if they apply to be a Peace Corps Volunteer, although receiving a PC Prep certificate does not guarantee that they will be accepted into the Peace Corps.

All undergraduate students enrolled at Sagrado are invited to join PC Prep.

You can join at any time before you graduate from Sagrado. PC Prep seeks to programmatically strengthen students' professionalism, community engagement, internationalization, and cultural intelligence and prepare them to be agents of change in one of six (6) Peace Corps focus areas:

Community Economic Development
developing youth

To join PC Prep:

Learn more about activities you can get involved in as a PC Prep participant:

For students interested in traveling and working outside of the US.
Learn more about what Peace Corps Volunteers do!

Learn about the financial and professional benefits of being a Volunteer. These Peace Corps Volunteer videos showcase the experience of living and working abroad:

Contact information for program coordinators

Laurie Melin

Peace Corps Prep Advisor
787-728-1515, 5387
Office of Internationalization and Interuniversity Relations, Barat Norte 326

Rosemarie Martinez
Rosemarie Martinez Gonzalez

Peace Corps Prep Advisor
787-728-1515, 5364
rosemarie.martinez@sagrado. edu
Office of Internationalization and Interuniversity Relations

Cassandra M. Vega Rivera

Peace Corps Prep Advisor
787-728-1515, 5331
Sacred Careers, Sacred Heart 001-A

Emanuel Santos 2
Emmanuel Saints of Jesus

Peace Corps Prep Advisor
787-728-1515 Ext. 5632
Sacred Careers, Sacred Heart 001-A

Carlos Omar Traverso

Professional Career Advisor
Sagrado Careers
(787)728-1515 ext. 5330

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