Study Abroad Programs

Student Mobility Programs offer you the opportunity to study abroad through different types of programs that vary in duration and content.

Do you know which program best suits your goals?


Bilateral Exchanges

Interinstitutional agreements between Sacred and another institution

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  • Bilateral Programs are based on inter-institutional agreements between Sagrado and another foreign academic institution.
  • The participating student does not pay additional tuition at the host university.
  • Academic credits are validated.

Summer and Language Programs

Programs from 1 week to 2 months during the summer

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  • Programs from 1 week to 2 months duration during the summer or winter period
  • Credits may be awarded for participation.

NSE: National Student Exchange

Among 160 higher education institutions

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Among 160 higher education institutions.

  • United States
  • Guam
  • Canada
  • Virgin Islands

The program includes career opportunities, internships and global education experiences.

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NSE Website

Yes We Must Coalition Exchange (YWMC)

Among 10 higher education institutions in the United States.

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The program includes study opportunities, boarding school and summer experiences.

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Faculty-led short trips

Sagrado teachers organize trips that are part of an institutional course.

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These opportunities vary each year, but may offer week-long trips to the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Travel can occur during the semester or summer.

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Download the Pathway to My Study Abroad here to help you choose the right program.


They are programs that allow the student to integrate studies in institutions abroad with his academic career.

In a global society, international experiences have become an indispensable entry requirement into the job market. The programs are designed to add value to the student's academic, linguistic, professional and personal development.

Each USC student who meets the averages and approved credits required by the different programs and completes the application processes

The Office of Internationalization and Inter University Relations guides students on the different programs considering the interests and needs of each student through international diagnoses, individual consultations and monthly orientation activities.

Necessary documentation and other requirements:

    1. Participate in the Informative Session on Study Abroad
    2. Application via TRM
    3. Complete the nomination process which requires planning for at least one month prior to the application deadline. (Includes three to five individual counseling sessions with the staff of the Internationalization office.)
    4. Table to validate courses
    5. Evidence of delivery of scholarship application for studies abroad (only programs outside the US) or Essay (only programs in the US)
    6. Copy ID/Passport
    7. Student mobility fee payment receipt ($200)- NON-REFUNDABLE
    8. English Language Proficiency Report (only for programs in non-Spanish-speaking countries)
    9. Language certificate (only if the program of interest requests evidence of proficiency in a language other than Spanish or English)

Required Essay

Choose one of the following three topics and write an essay that reflects your thoughts on the subject. The essay should include references and be written in English.


  1. How will studying abroad help you achieve your professional, personal and academic goals?
  2. Why did you choose this program and country?
  3. What aspects of studying abroad do you expect to be the most challenging for you? What knowledge, skills, and experiences will you use to address these challenges?


  • Comply with the COVID-19 vaccine standard
  • Be an active student, enrolled full-time at Sagrado
  • Having a GPA of 3.00 or more
  • Take and pass a minimum of 24 academic credits at Sagrado before being nominated
  • Attend a briefing on studies abroad
The nomination process requires planning for at least one month prior to the application deadline. This includes three to five one-on-one counseling sessions with staff from the Internationalization and Interuniversity Relations office.


Second semester 2024-2025

  • All programs - September 30, 2024

Academic year 2025-2026, summer 2025 and first semester 2025

  • NSE - USA and Canada - February 25, 2025
  • Other programs - March 30, 2025

Financial Issues

For any student leaving bilateral exchange, Plan B exchange with NSE, or YWMC exchange:

  • Tuition and institutional fees are paid at Sagrado in most cases.
  • The costs of accommodation, food, etc., are paid at the foreign university.
  • Any financial aid you have at Sagrado can be applied to study abroad.

For any student who goes on the exchange in a summer program, tuition and fees are paid directly to the program abroad.


There are several additional scholarships that students can apply for to study abroad. Check the list here.

How to finance your international experience

Go online and learn how to finance your study, internship, or research experience abroad, including budgeting information and available scholarships.

The information sessions are held on
second Tuesday of each month at 11:00 am
Connect at this Zoom link :

Why study in Puerto Rico?

In addition to a great tourist destination, Puerto Rico is an excellent alternative to make or supplement your university career.

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