Sudent Mobility

Student Mobility Programs provide the opportunity to study abroad through different types of programs that vary in duration and content..


About Student Mobility

What is Student Mobility?

Student Mobility allows students to integrate studies from higher education institutions abroad to their academic career at Sagrado.

What are the benefits of Student Mobility Programs?

In a globalized society, international experiences have become a prerequisite for the competitive labor market. The Sagrado Student Mobility Program is designed to add value to the student’s academic, linguistic, professional, and personal development.

Who can participate in the Student Mobility Programs?

Students from Sagrado that meet the approved averages, credits required by the programmatic offering, and that complete the application process within the published deadline.

How is the appropriate Student Mobility Program chosen?

The Center of Professional and International Experiences team guides students through the various programs, taking into account the interests and needs of each student through international diagnoses, individual consultations and semi-annual orientation activities.

About Student Mobility Programs

Semester programs

  • The Semester Programs are based on interinstitutional agreements between Sagrado and another foreign academic institution.
  • Participating student do not pay additional tuition at their host university
  • Academic credits are validated

Summer / Winter Programs

  • Programs from one week to two months of duration during the summer or winter period
  • Participation credits may be granted

Short programs

  • Short-term programs during the semester period
  • Programs with and without validation of academic credits

Programs for young professionals

  • Programs for recent graduates combining study, work elements, and/or internships

International Experiences

  • Short-term educational trips that can be part of an academic course

Language Programs

Programs with a linguistic approach

Requirements and Documents


  • Be an active student, enrolled on a full time basis at USC
  • Have an accumulated general grade point average of 3.00 or more
  • Have 24 approved credits

Required documentation

Required Essay

Choose one of the following three (3) topics and write an academic essay. The essay must indicate references and should be written in Spanish or English.


  • The concept of ‘Global Citizen’ in the 21st century
  • Challenges, Opportunities, and Implications of Student Mobility
  • The relevance of foreign languages ​​in the labor market in Puerto Rico and / or the US


  • The essay should not exceed two (2) pages
  • All margins in the document should be 1 inch or 2.54 cm
  • Times New Roman font size between 10 pt. and 12 pt.; justified text
  • Name and student number clearly identified on the first page


  • Be an active student, enrolled on a full time basis at USC
  • Have an accumulated general grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 or more
  • Have 24 approved credits


  • Second semester 2017-2018: September 30, 2017
  • First semester 2018-2019: March 30, 2018

National Student Exchange

Students interested in Student Mobility to universities in the United States, Canada, Guam and the Virgin Islands can choose from 170 higher education institutions in the National Student Exchange Consortium. The program includes study opportunities, internships and global education experiences.

For more information, visit the NSE page and contact the NSE coordinator in Sagrado.

Why study in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is an excellent destination to pursue or supplement your academic career.



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