Title IX - Sexual assault support and resources

This federal law provides protection to students victims of harassment, sexual harassment and sexual assault on or off campus, in any academic, educational, extracurricular and athletic activity supported by the institution.


  • Compliance with Title IX is a requirement for educational institutions that receive federal funding.
  • Educational programs must be developed in compliance with Title IX.
  • Educational programs have to be developed in accordance with Title IX.
  • Take necessary measures to avoid the discrimination and its consequences.
  • The Institution have to enact procedures to suit any complaint.
  • All higher education institution that benefits from federal funds must have a Title IX Coordinator.

Responsibilities of Title IX Coordinator:

  • Ensures that appropriate policies and procedures are in place and training for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Universidad del Sagrado Corazón is responsible for conducting adequate, impartial investigations of reports and complaints of sexual misconduct. Title IX coordinator evaluates requests for confidentiality and to provide a safe and nondiscriminatory environment for all students.
  • Conducts Orientation Workshops and disseminates Title IX information to raise awareness and educate the university community in order to prevent and eradicate sexual violence on campus.
  • Review institutional policies and ensure compliance with the Institution's provisions.

Student Rights:

The student will contact the Coordinator or authorized personnel to:

  • Report possible issues related to Title IX
  • Make a formal complaint of the incident
  • Right to information on policies and procedures
  • Access to information on actions and resolution of disputes about sexual discrimination or inappropriate conduct.

Course of Action:

Once a student or employee who is aware of a possible sexual harassment act committed against a student, it is your responsibility to inform the Title IX Coordinator.

  • The Coordinator will investigate the incident and take the necessary measures to provide security to the VIC
  • It will Implement reasonable measures to put an end to the situation, eliminate a hostile environment and prevent harassment from reproducing.

Title IX Team:

Title IX Coordinator and Investigator:
Denisse Pérez
Integrated Assistance Supervisor
Email: denisse.perez@sagrado.edu
Tel. 787.728.1515, ext. 5656

Examining Officer:
Blanca E. Rivera Alicea, PhD
Director of Compliance, and Licensing and Institutional Accreditations
Email: blanca.rivera@sagrado.edu
Tel 787.728.1515 ext. 5457

Appellate officer:
Sara E. Tolosa Ramirez
Vice President of Development and University Relations
Email: sara.tolosa@sagrado.edu
Tel. 787.728.1515, ext. 5447


Cassandra Rivera
Senior Manager of the Professional Experience Center
Email: cassandram.vega@sagrado.edu
Tel. 728.1515, ext. 5331

Edwin A. Figueroa Narvaez
Centro Sofía Senior Manager
Email: edwin.figueroa@sagrado.edu
Tel. 787.728.1515, ext. 5170

Informal Process Resolution Facilitator:
Pedro Fraile Romeu, PhD
Enrollment Advisor, Academic and Student Affairs
Email: pedro.fraile@sagrado.edu
Tel. 787.728.1515, ext. 5415

Policies and procedures Títle IX

  • Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure
  • Complaint form


  • Title IX New Regs Training for Universidad del Sagrado Corazón
  • Title IX Team Training 2021-2022
  • Title IX Coordinator Two: Pressures, Politics, Sanctions and Minors & MOUs.

Online Information:

All information relevant to Title IX will also be available through mi.sagrado.edu.

Denisse Pérez
Coordinadora Título IX
Email: denisse.perez@sagrado.edu
Tel. 787.728.1515, ext. 5656

In compliance with the amendment to the Title of the United States Education Act.

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