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Why Sagrado?

The academic programs of Universidad del Sagrado Corazón respond to new ways of thinking, creating and living. These curricula are led by a faculty committed to the formation of leaders within an ethical framework of social responsibility and sensitivity to diversity. Academic plans are focused on the multidisciplinary aspect in line with current trends in the labor and technology market.

Sagrado is a laboratory of ideas that promotes the intellectual curiosity and creativity of the student. Through class projects, community engagement courses, and student associations, the student has the opportunity to gain practical experiences in non-profit organizations and public and private institutions. Students also have the space to develop innovative projects that are of great social and cultural impact to the country.

The university has academic offerings in associate degree, baccalaureate, post-baccalaureate certificate and master's degree programs. Its offerings include the disciplines of natural sciences, business and administration, communication, education, fine arts, technology and multidisciplinary studies. Sagrado is the only one in PR to offer a bachelor's degree in Dance.

Our mission

Educate people in intellectual freedom and moral conscience, willing to participate in the construction of a more authentically Christian Puerto Rican society: a community of solidarity in justice and peace.

Our vision

Offer a unique academic project, an innovative educational experience in which the classroom is the world, in an environment characterized by a community life of excellence and that is based on the principle that the human being and Christian values are the center project itself.

Universidad del Sagrado Corazón

It is the oldest educational project in Puerto Rico (1880)

In the Heart of Santurce

Located in the center of Santurce, in the capital city of San Juan, a diverse vibrant neighborhood, close to art, culture, entertainment and sightseeing, and just one metro stop from the financial district.


art and music studios and workshops


Academic Units

  • Business Administration
  • natural Sciences
  • Ferré Rangel School of Communication
  • School of Arts, Design and Creative Industries
  • General Education Unit



University residences

The University has two student residences on campus, one for men and one for women .



Modern and innovative facilities

Collaborative Innovation Center

Animation Center and 3D Studio Lab

3 TV Studios and 2 Radio Studios

7 Science Laboratories


Sports Complex

Sports Complex

Olympic pool

Volleyball and basketball court

Tennis courts

Football field

Gym and recreation center

In Sagrado resides the human talent that Puerto Rico needs. Choose Sagrado on the College Board.

We are #01!

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