• Baccalaureate
  • Minor concentration

The economic reality of the world and the fierce competition among companies have turned marketing into one of the most important departments at the corporate level.  This discipline aims to connect with audiences through the development of creative and effective communication tools. The challenge for companies is to identify products or services that offer value to their consumers.  Marketing is the discipline that allows companies to relate to their customers, recognizing all the changes that have brought the digital revolution and social networks. The Marketing program will train you to support the creation of content and stories in order to establish a relationship of trust, loyalty and loyalty between companies and their customers.


Job Opportunities

Account Executive Marketing Manager Promotion Officer Sales Manager Marketing consultant Digital community manager or manager Brand image consultant Market analyst


department contact

Dennis Román Roa, Ph.D.

Director, Departamento de Administración de Empresas
787.728.1515 ext. 5185
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