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Foreign student, Sagrado is your best alternative to study in the summer.

Oferta Académica y calendarios Verano 2024

Academic Offer and Calendars

Calendario Académico Verano 1

Academic Calendar Summer 1 - 2024

Calendario Académico Verano 2

Academic Calendar Summer 2 - 2024

Calendario Académico Verano 1 y 2 Enfermería a Distancia

Nursing Academic Calendar - Distance Learning Modality Summer 1 and 2  2024

Programa de Clases Verano 1 - 2024

Course Schedule Summer 1 - 2024

Programa de Clases Verano 2 - 2024

Course Schedule Summer 2 - 2024

Did you find the courses you want to take in the summer? Enroll now!

Advance credits with your PELL grant

Subject to the eligibility criteria established by the Federal Department of Education.

Studying summer at Sagrado provides you with an excellent opportunity to:

Advancing concentration or general education courses

Complete your graduation requirements

Complete the prerequisites to continue to graduate school

Connect with students from Puerto Rico and the world

Study with teachers of excellence and world recognition

At Sagrado we offer two terms to study during the summer: Summer 1 (June) and Summer 2 (July) . The course offerings in Spanish include a wide variety of topics from the following areas:

  • business, accounting and finance
  • arts, design and creative industries
  • health and science
  • entrepreneurship and leadership
  • languages and literature
  • history and humanities
  • general education

You have the flexibility to choose the learning modality that best suits your needs:

  • Face-to- face courses : meet on campus.
  • Hybrid Courses – Meet on campus and have 50% of the learning experience asynchronously on Canvas.
  • Videoconference courses: courses that meet exclusively by Zoom.
  • Virtual Hybrid Courses – Courses that meet via Zoom and have 50% of the learning experience asynchronously on Canvas.
  • Online Courses – Courses offered asynchronously through Canvas.

The learning experience is supported by the latest technology in higher education.


All these courses are recognized by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and can be validated by universities in Puerto Rico and the United States.

Studying in the summer at Sagrado gives you the opportunity to enjoy the face-to-face or virtual services of:

The Language Laboratory

Student life

Be part of the student life of Sagrado! Combine your summer studies with the development of your supportive leadership and the strengthening of your integral well-being, through co- and extracurricular experiences designed by the Dean of Student Affairs.

If you come to campus during the summer, you could use the gym and swimming pool services, spiritual accompaniment and psychological services. Also, you have the alternative of staying in our university residences.

Frequently Asked Questions - Q&A

Yes. Our courses are accessible to students of Spanish as a foreign language who have a command of conversation and writing. However, our faculty and service teams can clarify doubts in English when necessary.

Yes, you can request the syllabus of the courses you are interested in. The syllabaries are available in Spanish and English.

Yes. The University of the Sacred Heart is accredited by the MSCHE, as well as its entire curriculum.

Yes. To meet credit and contact hour requirements, courses are offered on an accelerated schedule.

At Sagrado we use Canvas. As a student, you would have access to a tutorial and support service to handle this platform and any other.

Yes, always in dialogue with your teacher.

Yes, the recording of the classes will be found in Canvas.

Diverse educational activities will be carried out depending on the nature of the course, such as: group exercises, presentations, laboratories and workshops, among others.

Do not. However, you can coordinate an appointment via Zoom whenever you need it. It may happen that the teacher optionally invites them to some orientation via Zoom.

This will depend on the specific instructions of each course. However, the recommendation is that you connect 2-3 times a week.

This summer, advance credits
with your PELL grant

To be eligible you need:

  • Have completed FAFSA 2023-2024
  • Be eligible for a Pell Grant
  • Enroll 6 credits in Summer 1 (June) and/or Summer 2 (July)
contact "Gestión de Matrícula"
(787) 728-1515 ext 8003

Subject to the eligibility criteria established by the Federal Department of Education.



For more information or guidance:

Send a message through this form

787-728-1515, exts. 6549, 3595, 3233 and 3236

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