Transferring from other universities

If you are a student from another accredited university, you can start your transfer process by having a transcript of your university credits. It is important that you fulfill all the requirements and submit official and final documents to begin your new university life at Sagrado.

Credit validation

You can request an evaluation of your credit transcript to learn the possible courses that we can validate. To do this, please send a copy of your transcript to admission@sagrado.edu with the subject "Request of Evaluation for Credit Validation" and we will send you a preliminary validation. It is important to mention the academic program you are interested in your message.

The majority of Bachelor Degree programs at the University of Sagrado Corazón comprise 120 credits and 60 credits for Associate Degrees. Our policy requires that at least 24 credits at the Bachelor’s Degree level and 12 credits at the Associate’s Degree level be completed at the University of Sagrado Corazón. If you consider you have special circumstances that require us to further evaluate your situation (for example, you need to complete your academic degree by taking less than the 24 credits that our university requires), you can request a special evaluation by the Vice Presidency of Academic Affairs.

At Sagrado, you can take courses as a transfer student or as a special student.

If you want to enroll as a transfer student, you need to complete the following requirements:

  • Application for Admission
  • Official credit transcript
  • Vaccination Certification (from those younger than 21 years old)
  • If requested by the admissions committee, a letter of recommendation of a professor

International Students (does not apply to the USA)

  • Verification of academic credentials from the country of origin

Some programs may have requirements

If you are interested, you can enroll as a special student (non-degree goal) and you can take courses without being an official student at the university. Remember that you can always change to a transfer student. You only have to:

  • Fill out the Application for Admission
  • Pay for the course
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